Introduction to Icareus Playout

Icareus Playout Products and Modules


Icareus Playout is a head-end platform targeted at broadcasters and operators to enhance their DVB networks to provide a better TV experience to their viewers.
Icareus products included on the same product portfolio are:
  1. Icareus Playout EP EPG Server
  2. Icareus Playout CS100 Carousel Server
  3. Icareus Playout CS200 SSU Bootloading Server
  4. Icareus Playout VS100 Digital Video server


EPG Server is used to broadcast the TV program information and to generate the necessary service information. It generates all the SI data necessary for generating complete DVB services.
The Icareus Playout EPG (PSI/SI) server generates the necessary PSI/SI tables and sends them to an internal multiplexer and on to the selected output device.


A professional DSM-CC Object Carousel server. Icareys Playout Carousel Server supports Normal Play Time (NPT) and playout of Stream Events. The server can also be integrated with third party automation systems for synchronisation with playlists and schedulers.


Targeted at DVB network operators, the server provides a central point for the broadcasting firmware upgrades to set-top boxes. The server can also be run in 'Opportunistic Data Insertion' mode.


Icareus Playout Video Server for Broadcast with Recorder and Dual Stream Decoder is a complete video capture and playback solution. It is ideally suited for applications such as digital video broadcast, video distribution applications, authoring, and nonlinear editing.


Playout Server is managed through Playout Management Console (PMC). Additionally Playout Management Console offers an extensive Java API that can be used to control the server from third party applications.

Icareus Web Console

The web console is a web based user interface to give an alternative for a playout management console.


The user is expected to understand the basics of DVB standards, PSI/SI, EIT, interactive application development, the domain terminology and have access to other tools that might be needed for testing.
Icareus Playout is designed to be a dedicated system due to time critical constraints of stream generation. Any problems with the functionality, performance or correctness of the generated streams are the responsibility of the user if processes other than those installed with Icareus Playout installation utility are run on the Icareus Playout server.
Usage and configuration of modulators and DVB-ASI cards are manufacturer specific. Please consult the documentation of your modulator vendor-manufacturer.


For the latest information on Icareus Playout and its components, please contact Icareus directly. White papers and datasheets are readily available on the company extranet. Technical details and other in-depth information are usually provided only on request.

Icareus Ltd.
Itälahdenkatu 18A
00210 Helsinki
tel: +358-9-2289 0801
fax: +358-9-2289 0810


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